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What is MASH Nail Stamping?

 MASH Nail Stamping 101 : (Nail Art Made Easy)

Creating looks beyond your wildest dreams just became feasible. For those of you unfamiliar with nail art stamping, MASH introduces you to a whole other world of nail art with limitless designs, sprucing up the bland ‘average mani’. With nail stamping image plates, you can create a storybook or simply detailed, intricate art work right on your nails within seconds.

The Basics:

MASH’s Stamping Plates allow you to stamp pre-designed images onto your nails, in seconds. You simply paint over the design plate with a special stamping polish, scrape over the image to remove excess polish , then stamp over the image to transfer onto your nails. Voila!.. You have just created a mani that will have others wondering “How’d she do it?” Don’t worry, we promise we won’t tell your secret ;) Stamping is one of the most popular techniques in nail art today. It's fast, effective and easy! To learn how to do it yourself, check out the tutorial and video that follow.

Tools to get started :

All you need to get started is an image plate, stamper and scraper, and a MASH special stamping polish.

Step1: Peel off protective cover.

Step2: Using a Stamping Polish swipe a thick layer of polish over the desired image on the design plate.

Step3: Take your scraper and gently swipe across the image, leaving only the image embedded with the polish.


Step4: Firmly press your stamper in a rolling motion across the plate to pick up the polish/image.

Step5: Line up the edge of your nail with the stamper, and roll the image firmly right to left, making sure the full image has transferred.