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Hello fellow nail art lovers. Well, the day has finally arrived. No, we are not talking about the day we all become fabulous pop divas. Rather, today is the day that your boring nails become gorgeous.

Believe it or not, your nails are begging to be transformed into stunning nails, just like the ones you saw on our homepage. This look was created using the line of MASH nail art products that is currently availible via www.mashnails.com

So, you've made the decision to change a small (but important) part of your life, but we bet that you have lots of questions about nail art? Well, that is what we are here for, and we're going to answer some of your frequently asked questions about both MASH and nail art.


Your videos makes it look easy, but that’s just for show, right? Surely, nothing can possibly be that easy?

Trust us. It really is that easy to do. Of course, you can’t expect to be perfect on your first try, but if you don’t believe us, try getting some MASH nail art supplies and trying it out for yourself! Not only will you love it, but you will be an expert in no time!
I’m new to nail art, what are the absolute essentials that I will need?

This ultimately depends on what you want to do with your nails, but here are the basics that you could not possibly manage without:

1. MASH Stamper and Scraper. This is critical for being able to use MASH nail art plates to their full potential
2. A set of MASH nail art image plates to play with. That way you can decide for yourself, which style you prefer.
3. A set of nail art brushes. They are perfect for customizing the nail art you create with your image plates or creating designs and styles that aren’t easily replicated with nail art plates
Can I use any nail polish for the base coat?

Of course. Any regular polish will look incredible. Whilst our nail polishes are made with the same stuff as other brands, we have a large variety of colors and styles on offer, at competitive prices, so be sure to check them out
What is the point of a top coat?

Besides from adding a little something special to your nails? Top Coats ensure that your base coat and design have the longest lifespan possible. Here at MASH, we offer a set of treatment polishes that will keep your nails healthy and looking great

If you need help immediately, please contact us via telephone at 855.879.6274. Our friendly and knowledable nail art experts are available to assist you 8am-4:30pm PST, Monday-Friday.